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Why Amero?

Amero works with selected clients within multiple industries. Specifically, Amero likes working with companies with much of the same background as themselves.

Start up, Entrepreneurial, growth oriented, and unique business models make the majority of Amero’s clients. We routinely work with best of breed companies to provide Amero’s candidates with new and exciting opportunities for their career.

Amero uses proven sourcing and headhunting methods to extract talent from client competitors. Amero’s niche headhunting allows us to pull talent from multibillion dollar market cap organizations and provide clients with experienced talent ready to work in a new and exciting culture.

MORE than just a vendor…..WE ARE A PARTNERSHIP…..We are AMERO!!!

We work with our candidates on finding them top companies to work for. The reality in this market is candidates have a number of options when wanting to leave their current position. This makes the relationship between Amero and our Clients even more important. We work with our clients to have a full house understanding of their organization, culture, and growth. This allows us to present a FULLSCOPE outlook for our candidates to make an informed decision when making a career move.

Wireline Company – Wyoming
“AEP is the kind of company that understands your needs after speaking with you the first time. We have been working with them for over 8 months and they have been able to find us the right candidates from the beginning.”

Pipeline Company – Houston, TX
When we first started working with Amero Energy Partners we were working with 9 recruiting companies, now we work with 2. AEP filled all of our field positions for the Rockies. “We appreciate all that you do!”

Fracturing Company – South Texas
“We started working with AEP in May of 2014 and they have always sent us a good person, with great presentations, that describes the candidate in specific detail.”

Phone: + 512.340.7386