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Renewable Energy

The United States has reached 24.1 gigawatts (GW) of total installed capacity of solar photovoltaics (PV) and continues to grow at a rate of 1GWdc of Solar PV per quarter.  This astounding growth in the solar market has led to one of the most commercially competitive forms of renewable energy. Prices for solar panels have fallen over 80 percent and the cost to install has dropped 73 percent since 2009, making it competitive with more traditional energy sources.  With the current Investment Tax Credit and Government mandates pushing towards renewables, the solar market is expected to double in 2016 with sixteen states expected to top the 100 MW mark.

Amero Energy Partners has positioned itself as a leader in the Solar Energy, Risk Management and Recruitment market.  Our seasoned consultants have been providing organizations with experienced contractors and risk management solutions aimed at reducing costs and effectively managing the growth of their organization. Amero’s Renewable Energy division provides its clients with a cost effective growth solution by allowing clients to take on projects knowing they have the skilled resources behind them to complete it.  We take a localized approach to recruitment and risk management. We are an industry leading consultancy with a national reach from California to Florida. 

Amero’s consultants have vast experience in the electrical field thus giving us an advantage over our competitors within solar.  Our Safety Director has led extensive site specific safety plans and behavior based safety programs throughout the electrical industry. Our consultants have helped manage, schedule, and plan electrical projects in a variety of different sectors with projects ranging from 14MM to 70MM.  We know the risks companies face in and the talent challenges associated with solar projects.  We can mitigate these risks and address these challenges through a comprehensive business solutions approach. Amero’s Renewable Energy Division vertically integrates an organization with our consultants thus saving money on broker transactions and the need for other vendors as well as increasing top line revenue by leveraging our partnerships.


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